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Most surplus fund and skip tracing software is hard to use and inaccurate.Surplus list makes no trade-offs, giving you an easy-to-use interface with the most accurate data and leads available.
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Everything you need to Find, Connect and Collect.Having an all in one platform for finding Surplus Fund deals in critical, we have made that for you!
LeadsThis feature is currently in development, coming soon! The one thing that you need to get started with Surplus Funds are solid leads and finding them can be a challenge but it doesn't have to be. With Surplus List we provide you with currated leads of all shapes and sizes.
Skip TracingYou have your lead now what? How do you contact them? Don't worry we give you the ability to Skip Trace your leads and obtain all relevant information from something as simple as a name and state to the parcel number (APN) of a property.
Batch Skip TracingLet's say we have 500 leads, it would take hours of work to skip trace them individually export the data for each search and combine all of that data. We got you covered... Batch Skip Tracing allows you to take all your leads, throw them into a template file that we provide and skip trace them all at once! Your data is then returned and able to be downloaded in just a few minutes.
Data ManagementFrom search history, files to user analytics you got it. From your dashboard you can see your analytics, search history and more.
Simple pricing for everyone.It doesn't matter what size your business is,our software will scale with you.